Hello world…we’ve joined the blogosphere!

@ the barre, we’ll take you behind the scenes, share what inspires us, and invite points of view from leading body workers and foodies on any and all things health and wellness. Be empowered. Get inspired. Consider it happy hour at the bar(re) with a circle of make-you-feel-good friends…minus the cocktails of course.

38 Responses to “Hello world…we’ve joined the blogosphere!”
  1. DIANE E WALKER says:


  2. Tara says:

    Hi Reader,

    I’ve had a Fluidity for about 4 years now, and I’ve used it on and off, but would really like to commit to using it regularly, as I’ve seen how good, even short-term, the effects it has had on my body. When I go to other methods, I’ll try weights and more traditional moves. So my biggest concern is this: what does Fluidity do for building muscle, hence keeping the bones healthy? One of my past professors is around 70 years old and she looks 50 because she goes to the gym every night and incorporates weight lifting. Does Fluidity merely tone the muscles or can it build muscle? Is the resistance of one’s own body less than, equal to, or better than resistance created by weights or other means outside the body? I know I can have a great body and healthy spine with fluidity, but is it going to be enough into old age?

    Questions, questions,


    • Natasha says:

      This is a great question and I myself am very interested in hear what the makes of Fluidity have to say to it.

  3. Brenda Nichols says:

    I love Fluidity! it has techniques that work the body like nothing else I’ve ever tried. I’m excited about the behind the scenes blogs so that I can learn better how to master the exercises and memorize tips and tricks. I’m always learning with Fluidity, as I do feel new muscles begin to form and old ones mold into better shape. Thanks you. 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    I am sooo excited to find the Fluidity Community. I’ve lost 30 pounds in the past 1.5 years using a great eating plan and a popular Cardio Pilates program.During that time, I was ready to step up my long and lean fitness program a notch and remembered how interested I had been in the Fluidity Infomercials. I purchased my bar about a year ago, but couldn’t find a forum. I have found that community is essential to maintaining momentum. I only used my Fluidity bar two or three times, because I loved the workout so much that I ignored the advice about waiting 48 hours between workouts (and I bounced during a stretch) totally rendering myself unable to do Fluidity for quite a while. I’ve maintained my weight loss and inch loss (30 some-odd inches) and am starting my official 8-week Fluidity workout plan in the AM. I really would like to find some buddies through the community to share milestones and encouragement with. I have 29 pounds to go. WIll alternate my Fluidity with the treadmill (20 minutes at 2.8 miles per hour = 1 mile), just to keep my heart strong, and burn some extra calories. I think Fluidity can do the rest. Someone come and join me! I need a Fluidity Friend!

    • Karin says:

      Hi Susan,
      I will join you !! Just waiting for my bar to come. Already been shipped. Great job on your tremendous weight loss already 🙂 I would love to lose 30 – 35 lbs myself.

      • susanlee29 says:

        Hi, Karin! I am so glad to have a new buddy! You will love your bar, and the workout time flies by. I think “has it really been 30 minutes?” It’s like hearing a good sermon. It’s over and you haven’t even realized the time was passing. Two workouts into my 8 week plan, and I swear my body already feels different. I wish I’d done the first time what I did this time. I’m following the beginner moves instead of going right into the intermediate. Slow and steady wins the race, right? My best weight loss information to share. Be sure to measure first. If you need I’ll share the formula for calculating your body fat percentage from your measurements. I try to take my measurements every month. Very motivating. If my scales aren’t moving, my measurements are and I never feel like a failure. Even if it’s taken me a while to lose the original 60 (scale says I now only have 26 to go!) I’m still moving in the right direction. And I used the Diet Free Life eating plan to lose the original 30 pounds. It’s a step by step plan, with a new tweak to your diet every day that leads to lasting lifestyle change. I never eat more than one carb at any meal now. I do it “loosely”, and haven’t gained an ounce back in over a year. I have to have it like that, kind of A-B-C-D. Fluidity just makes perfect sense, and Micheles instruction is like that, too. Step-by-step. I’m gonna take before pictures this weekend, also motivational! Maybe we can be in the next infomercial! Nice to be working out with you!

  5. Gabbi says:

    I too am waiting for my bar to arrive and would love to join you ladies as a buddy. I need to lose 60 lbs and this is my year. I was also intriqued about the pelvic floor strengthening that she spoke about on HSN. Taking measurements later today ugh.. But the only way for them to go is down, right!

  6. Karin says:

    Hi Gabbi..
    I got the bar and I got the flu. UGHHHH… Just waiting to feel a bit better before starting. You really feel a difference with 2 workouts? Would you add another? I think you have mentioned you need to wait 48 hours in between. would love you formula for measuring body fat.. I’ll measure the day I start. I’m also going to look into the Diet Free Life. Thanks for all the tips 🙂

  7. Karin says:

    I meant the above message for Susan, but right on Gabbi !!! This IS the year. I really believe it. It’s really going to help us to have this support system. I’m excited !!

    • susanlee29 says:

      I’m excited for the support also! Hello, Gabbi! This will be fun making progress and I need the accountability. karin, Yes. Wait 48 hours between workouts to avoid injury of muscles we’re just not used to using. And start with Beginner. Something else amazing is that my heart rate gets up enough that I know I have worked, even though it felt great. Not like work at all. Just challenging. After taking your measurements, the formula for knowing your percent body fat is: (Hips + Thigh) – (calf x 2.0) – Wrist = % Body Fat. Multiply your percentage of body fat by your weight in pounds to get fat weight, and subtract that number from your total weight to get Lean Body Mass, which is what we don[t want to lose. My now 166 pounds is made up of 53.95 pounds of fat and 112.05 pounds of lean mass.Knowing the numbers allows me to look back and see that I’ve lost 24.65 pounds of fat and 7.99 pounds of lean mass. And Yes, I could feel a difference after two workouts. I can see a difference after 3. Fluidity in the AM. Can’t wait!

  8. susanlee29 says:

    Forgot to add that I’m doing one every other day, which will make it three a week. But I’m making sure to wait the 48 hours, which is hard to do while I’m so excited about it.

  9. Marsha Moore says:

    how do you get the bar to stay up?

    • Susan says:

      Marsha, I don’t know why my email alert only alerted me today that this conversation had been posted to, but I’m sure by now you’ve gotten the bar to stay up! It’s so simple it confuses at first! How are you liking the workouts? I’m in love because after only 3 weeks, by body is changing. For the better! Can’t wait to see what I look like by the end of the summer! Have already lost 1/2 inch from my calve and 1/2 inch from my “pooch”. Thank Goodness!

  10. KATIE says:

    My name is Katie. I’m 34 years old. I have been working out for years now. This past May (2012) I had a horrible headache within 10 minutes of my workout. The next day I had a CT scan which came back with good results (couldn’t find anything wrong). Long story short, I was sick for 6 weeks with headache, double vision, eye droopyness, problems standing, walking, and sinus issues. Finally after 5 different dr’s I found out I had a leaking aneurysm, even though I was told I had sinus infections, allergies, sciatic problems, pulled hamstrings…If the dr’s would have taken a closer look at the CT scan in my arteries, they would have noticed a leaking brain aneurysm from day 1. I had brain coiling surgery at the end of June 2012. I am now trying to recover. I have been walking 4 miles daily just to get some exercise. My dr’s are telling me to listen to my body for working out. I’m not suppose to raise my heart beat too much because that might give me pressure in my head. I don’t want my blood pressure to
    elevate. I can’t put my head below my heart because that makes my head throb. I need to find something I can still stay fit and not lose my mind not being able to workout.

    I am a single mother that works two jobs to stay afloat. Working out helped me control my anxiety. And now I’m not suppose to stress because that could elevate my blood pressure…which is the one thing that is super important to stay low.
    I need to find a workout program to stay fit. Please help me. I have been researching this alot and still have not found any answers. This is so frustrating to me. I am 5’6″ and 135 lbs. I would love to go back to about the 120 mark…toned.

    I did purchase Fluidity and have been doing it for about 3 weeks now. I do 300 calories on the treadmill 5 times a week and then Intermediate workout one day and the next day the seat and thigh workout. Can I do these workouts every day? Meaning intermediate one day and the next seat and thigh? Also any other ideas for good workout dvd’s through Fluidity?

    • Susan says:

      Katie, Wow. I, too, had a brain aneurysm. I’m 45. In January 2010 they did a coil. At my 1 year check-up, it had grown and they had to go in and clip it off. At 5’6″ and 135 pounds, you must look truly great already! I’m 5’6.5″ and 135 would be my dream weight, 5 pounds UNDER my goal. I, too, was under a large amount of stress at the time. I would say to have, if you can afford to, a hormonal panel done to make sure your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) are under control. I haven’t as of yet. It’s a money thing since most of my money goes to paying medical bills and other living expenses. But, cortisol can cause you to store fat in the midsection. With so much treadmill, I would be afraid you are undermining your weight loss efforts and losing lean muscle, not fat. Take a deep breath, slow down, ENJOY your fluidity. I know what you mean about strenuous exercise after the brain surgery and I started out just doing Mari’s Slimming Pilates program. Wonderful and graceful, but I want a fluidity body! And it’s working FOR me! The Fluidity instructions advise us to do a Fluidity workout every other day, which is best. I can feel that my body needs the day in between the workouts. I’m walking, but only 20 minutes on the days I don’t do Fluidity. I was 124 when I got married, 22 years ago. Will probably never see that again, but at 140, I look really good, so that’s a reasonable goal for me. Hang in there, give yourself some rest and some more Fluidity. It’s something we can do! And I think it feels great! Love all of the stretching. Keep in touch. Glad we found eachother!

      • KATIE says:

        I’m sorry to hear about your aneurysm. It has been one tough year, that’s for sure!!! I had 2 coiling surgeries so far and the last one didn’t work. I now have MRA’s to keep checking on it. I just wish it would shivel up and go away already! So you got the cranial? Was that a long healing process? I will check out that hormonal test for sure! It is my midsection. How did you find out about that? I never heard of it?!

        So I can only do the intermediate 3 times a week? When should I do the Seat and Thigh? Are there other videos that would help me?

        Thanks for the information. I’ve been very stressed out. I just want this all fixed!

      • Susan says:

        The Cranial took less time than the original bleed. They had to cut a nerve behind my right eye to do the surgery, which left my peripheral vision weak for about two weeks. I was only in the hospital (Memphis, TN) for a week. Was at home recuperating for about a month after since I had the sick time saved up. Susanne Somers is great with the Hormonal Information, which is where my cortisol information comes from. But it is the stress hormone. Probably had something to do with my aneurysm, also. I do the Seat and Thigh DVD in my rotation when I don’t have enough time set aside for the Intermediate, since it’s only 20 minutes as opposed to 40. That way, I still get in my Fluidity. This week I get in 4 workouts, and then next week it will be 3 since I’m doing every other day. I really like that it’s a form of exercise that is effective, doable, and something I look forward to, that my brain can handle. No more swinging a Kettlebell!

      • Karin says:

        Katie and Susan,
        So glad you two are doing much better. Sounds like you went through a rough time.

  11. Karin says:

    How soon should we move onto the next level? I’ve doing beginner for 2 weeks. I don’t sweat at all. Is this normal? BTW, I don’t find the beginner easy. Just wondering how long one usually stays on beginner.

  12. susanlee29 says:

    Karin, I moved on to the Intermediate this week (my 3rd week), but doing mostly the beginner moves for Flat Back and Abs. All of the other moves, I do with Michele. I really like the Intermediate workout and still having the choice of following Winter when I need to. I think It will be a while before I feel the need to move on to the Advanced. I’d say Go for it with the Intermediate. I see at least a year before I can follow Erika! Will be measuring again on Sunday Morning. Will share my results!

    • Karin says:

      Thanks, Susan.. I haven’t measured yet.. I will this weekend. Looking forward to seeing your results. Have a great weekend !!

      • Katie says:

        So can someone tell me, do the fluidity barre every other day, but how much cardio is needed?! I’m looking to lose 10 lbs and tone up. An hour of walking on a treadmill daily with the fluidity or only cardio on non fluidity days?! I need a good plan to stick to. I haven’t seen results and I’ve been doing this for about a month. Shape wise at least…I feel myself stretching easier which is a definite positive!!!!😊

  13. susanlee29 says:

    Hi Katie, Karen, Gabbi, and Marsha! Here are my results after 1 month of Fluidity. This will kind of speak to Katie’s question. I’m working on a Master’s degree which means that for 6 weeks, 4 of which I’ve been doing Fluidity and walking some, I’ve been reading,writing, and eating, being mostly sedentary. But with Fluidity, my numbers have held their own and have changed a little bit. The fact that I haven’t really gained when all I do is sit and read is amazing. I think the reason Katie that after a month we haven’t seen the scales moving is I KNOW we are building muscle, which fools the scales into thinking nothing is happening. I’ve gained 1/2 inch on my forearms, lost 1/2 inch in each thigh, an inch on each of my calves, and 1/2 inch of my lower stomach “pooch”, which I know is because of doing the Flatback. But my body looks better. I am “compacting”. I’m getting results, but because of my assignments, I’m not as “active”. I am thankful to Fluidity, because I know i’m maintaining my weightloss through a tough period. The scales say I’ve gained two pounds in the last 4 weeks, but studying makes me hungry and I’m building muscle right now, which will cause the weight to start to melt off later. So I’m keeping on! I did the advanced workout one day this week and WOW! Yesterday when I did the Beginner Flatback I noticed it wasn’t as hard as when I did it the first week. Progress! I did Beginner because I was short on time, but am going to alternate the Intermediate and Advanced as a rule, just to challenge myself, following Winter and Michele. I really like what is happening with my body, despite my hectic schedule. Working out is easier when I know I only have to do it every other day! Let me know what your results are saying! Also, I’ve increased my range of motion, getting more flexibile. My behind is looking better! My 1st month has been a positive, netting 3 inches lost!

    • gabbi56 says:

      Wow that is great I haven’t remeasured yet

    • Katie says:

      Those are awesome results!!! So how much cardio should I be doing?! And can you do cardio and fluidity on the same days or will that hurt my results? I just want this to work so badly!!!

    • Karin says:

      Nice job !!! That’s great. I feel like the moves have gotten better for me. I’m able to do them correctly and without pausing 🙂 Haven’t measured yet. I’ve only been doing 2 workouts a week and trying to get a 3rd in.

  14. Lorraine says:

    Today was the first day of my journey, and I started with the Beginners. I think tomorrow my body is going to pay. I purchased the Fluidity Bar for my 43rd B-day, last November. I am sorry to say that I let it sit for while and then I was weighed in the Dr.Office 250 lbs., I need to make a difference, I want to make a difference, I have the tools, now just get off my buns and use them. Keep you posted…

    • Please do keep us posted. If you stick with Fluidity, it will deliver results – we promise. And keep in mind that muscle burns more calories than fat so as you develop lean muscle mass with Fluidity, you’ll be burning more calories…even when you sleep!

      • susanlee29 says:

        OK Ladies! It’s Saturday morning. Am heading into an advanced session since I have a little extra time today. Weighed in at 165 this AM. Wasn’t expecting that. It was a positive for me. Love using the ball in the advanced session. Let’s keep up our momentum. It’s been almost 10 days since we’ve communicated and we don’t want to drop the ball on this. Also seeing the Fluidity Infomercial on television a lot lately. Watching he Infomercial always re-energizes my excitement and adds value to my bar, that is sitting right here in my bedroom….waiting for ME to take advantage of all I’ve been given! Let’s communicate with eachother because now we even have a forum of friends to keep us on task! Need that!

  15. susanlee29 says:

    Just wondering if Karin, Katie, or Gabbi are still out there and ready to pick back up in 2016 where we left off in 2013. I’ve lost a year of momentum to a job change, but now that I’m used to a new schedule, want to refresh my Fluidity. Reading over our conversations from before really motivated me. Am weighing in at 177. I knew I had gotten down to 165 with 20 left to lose, but didn’t realize it was when I had been doing Fluidity. Hooray!! My treadmill is in need of a service call, so will be doing Fluidity on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and Rebounding in between for aerobic conditioning. My Email has also changed. I don’t do Facebook, so this blog is my community connection. Hope someone comes along and joins me!!

    • Katie says:

      Yay!!! I’ve been wanting to start this back up. It was my birthday yesterday and I have 6 months until my wedding and I want to lose 15 pounds…

      I will join you!!!!

      • susanlee29 says:

        Great! Hello, Again, Katie!! I will be extra diligent, knowing we’re getting you ready for your wedding!! I’ve already printed out a workout schedule I made. Thought if I used the word “Schedule” , I would be more accountable to it!! Have decided to do Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday Fluidity and Monday, Saturday Rebounding. Weds, Fridays too busy for me!! Using the Food Lovers Fat Loss System which really worked for me in the past as a healthy way to eat. Weighed in at 175 today and did my measurements! So I guess we’re on GO!! Have watched every YouTube Fluidity video to renew my passion for it! Can’t wait to see results again!! Happy Birthday and Have a Great Monday!! I’m so happy you replied!! Susan.

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