Instructor Spotlight


Occupation: CPA, SEC Compliance, HR Administration
Age: 31
Hometown: Albany, NY
Currently Lives In: New York, NY

Her Story:

You may recognize her as the advanced modifier in our Fluidity instructional videos, but Erikka was actually one of our very first testimonials. A lifelong athlete and avid gym-goer, Erikka was still searching for the one workout that would make her 5’2” muscular frame look longer and leaner. During our Fluidity Challenge at Bally’s, Erikka dropped 24 pounds and 8 inches off her thighs and in her after photo, she absolutely glowed! See her before-and-after photos.

In Her Own Words:

My body just flows. I have a dancer’s body and it’s the body I’ve always wanted. For years, I had tried every workout available and saw no changes in my body. Within weeks of meeting Michelle and practicing Fluidity, my body completely transformed – I looked longer, leaner, my muscles were sculpted and I felt proportionate. Michelle, through Fluidity, gave me the key to transform my body!

Fun Facts:

Favorite indulgence? A spa day
You’re currently reading? The Shack by William P. Young
Favorite U.S. city? New Orleans, LA

33 Responses to “Instructor Spotlight”
  1. Zappa says:

    Erikka,you look AMAZING!!

  2. Juli says:

    What is the fluidity challenge at Bally’s

    • We offered a 12-Week Challenge at Bally’s whereby participants completed 3 Fluidity classes a week in addition to 2-3 cardio workouts a week. You can try the same challenge at home! If you are new to Fluidity, we recommend that you start w/2-3 Beginner workouts a week working your way up as your fitness level allows. Once you’ve mastered our Instructional DVDs, we recommend moving up to our Real Class Series – these workouts are generally longer and more challenging. Ideally, allow 48 hours between Fluidity workouts to allow your muscles adequate recovery time (doing so will maximize your results.) For cardio, we recommend walking, jogging or running and/or swimming as these are natural forms of movement and complementary to Fluidity. We do not recommend aerobic or anaerobic workouts that isolate muscles and build bulk; remember that Fluidity’s goal is to build, long, lean muscle through integrated, whole-body movement. As for diet, we recommend eating a sensible whole foods diet – no processed foods! Reference our FluidityFit Guide to Healthy Eating for inspiration. Lastly, we recommend that you weigh yourself once a week – ideally on the same day of the week in the morning for consistency. We recommend taking your measurements – upper arm; chest; waist; hip, thigh; and body fat percentage at the start and end of your challenge!

  3. Sandra Weeks says:

    when is fluidity going to go nation wide with the instructor training? keep me posted!

    • We will! We’re planning to launch our Instructor Training in Spring 2012 or thereabouts.

      • Lisa says:

        I would also love to join in the instructor training !!!!!

      • We currently train instructors for our Fluidity classes in New York City only; however, we plan to launch Fluidity to gyms and spas nationally in the coming months. Please stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook page for more details!

      • I’m in California, a massage therapist, a yoga and mat pilates instructor, and cooking coach. I have been doing ballet stretches and warmups that I can remember from years ago. I’m so excited and ready to learn and incorporate this exercise method on the west coast! Ordered today, will begin by learning the classes from beginner to advanced first!

  4. Sonia Meyers says:

    Hi, I’m new to the fluidity family, I bought my machine over four years ago. I had a problem getting it shipped to where i live,outside of the continental U.S. however i recently received it. I’m looking forward to using it and achieveing a long,lean and toned body I’m 57 years old.

  5. Heather Fant says:

    I saw the program fro Fluidity for the first time yesterday. I will be ordering on pay day this week. I am a 43 year old mother of 2 grown sons. I have been married for 23 years. I have always had the “I am too busy to work out” excuse, even though I actually love working out. I think now it is time for me to do something for myself. All of the women who were shown on the program look so amazingly beautiful. I want to feel like that again myself. I will take before pics and post them. Maybe even keep my own journal about the process. I will let you know how it goes!

    • Good for you! And please do share your story with us. All of the women you saw on our show are real people and real customers with real results. If you stick to it, Fluidity will change your body and how you feel about yourself like no other workout can!

  6. Sheila Cahill says:

    I’m expecting to receive my Fluidity workout package on March 1st. In the recent past I’d been a runner and done free weights, which did help me lose weight, but changed my body shape. I lost my mother to breast cancer recently, and completely lost focus on taking care of myself. I’m 48 years old, and haven’t studied dance since my college days–but I always loved it, and I’ve missed it. I’m looking forward to reclaiming my healthy lifestyle with a workout system that I’m so looking forward to. I can’t wait to start!

  7. 5'2" says:

    Erikka looks great! What was her starting weight and ending weight during the 12-week challenge? I am the same height as Erikka and my starting clothing size is the same as Erikka’s was. I know every body is different but the actual starting and ending weights would be a helpful ballpark figure for me. According to UPS my Fluidity bar is going to be delivered this Tuesday and I cannot wait. I am so excited to get started! 🙂

    • Erikka went from 142 in her before photo to 118 in her after photo. She lost 3″ in her waist; 4″ in her thigh; and 5 1/4″ in her hip!

      • Phyllis Annett says:

        Can you tell if if the NCY Class II DVD has all of the exercises in it. I began five weeks ago and my old DVD’s are all stratched and need to buy new ones. I have lost eight pounds so far!

  8. Gail Chapman says:

    Can an overweight (obese) 62 year old with no history of dance, weight training or exercise AND spinal stenosis AND no flexibility use Fluidity with success?

  9. Margaret Mouzes says:

    I just started the advance level and boy it’s advance but I love it. It seems that everything is firming up nice however my derriere is still a bit jiggley. I previously was doing light weights and had great results in that area but it was bothering my knees. That’s why I wanted to try Fluidity. So could it be my form or does it just take more time. This is week seven:)


      I would like to know the answer that was given to your question about the derriere?

      • Denise Gonzalez says:

        This was originally ask back in Oct ’12… No answer provided. I’m am someone who is really interested in buying one of these…

      • Fluidity works the whole body from head to toe, front AND back so yes, it will lift and tone your Seat as well as the entire back line of your body. If you’re looking to accelerate your lower body results, we recommend you also try our Seat & Thigh DVD – it can used as an add-on to our other Fluidity workouts or as a great stand-alone workout when you’re short on time. As is true of Fluidity in general, proper form is far more important than how high you lift your leg or the number of repetitions so focus on form and results will follow!

  10. Ruby says:

    I started fluidity workout this week and I would like to incorporate it with cardio. Do I do fluidity every other day with cardio In between? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!!

  11. Kelly says:

    Hi there, I see the comment above that the Instructor Training was planning to be launched earlier this year. I live in New Orleans and would love details 🙂 Thank you, Kelly

    • We have not yet launched our Instructor Training program beyond New York City, but plan to do so later in 2013 when we launch our Fluidity classes to gyms and spas nationally. If you have not done so already, please email us at and we’ll follow up with you directly as soon as more details become available. Thank you for your interest!

  12. Janet Birkey says:

    Where do we find dietary information while doing the fluidityfitness. Do we change our eating habits drastically?

    • Did you receive our FluidityFit Guide to Healthy Eating with your Bar Package? We recommend a whole foods diet and outline a suggested eating plan. If you are looking to lose weight, we recommend that you eliminate all processed foods including white bread/pasta/flour; sugar; and alcohol.

  13. KATIE says:

    I am looking to lose 20 lbs…can I do the Intermediate DVD and seat and thigh in the am and then an hour of cardio on the days I don’t do my Fluidity? I need to know if the cardio can be done daily? Thanks!

  14. Alicyn says:


    How long did it take you to lose?


  15. Kerry says:

    I can’t figure out how to create an initial post, so I’m commenting on this one. This forum is not easy to use – a bit confusing. Anyhoo, I have a few questions that Fluidity doesn’t seem to have mentioned anywhere. 1) How many time a week should I use it? 2) How long should I stay on the beginner exercises? I’m guessing until they’re easy, and then I can move on to the intermediate, but I know from doing other exercises that they recommend to alternate exercises to challenge your body. If I do the beginner exercises over and over won’t my muscles get used to the exercises, thereby causing less resistance? Any insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • We generally recommend two Beginner workouts a week to start so that you familarize yourself with proper form. You can increase the frequency of your workouts as you become more familar with the movements and your fitness level allows, but we recommend that you allow 48 hours between your Fluidity workouts to give your muscles adequate recovery time. Doing so will actually maximize your results. Doing cardio like walking, running or swimming on alternate or non-Fluidity days is a great combination! As for moving up to the next level DVD, we recommend you do so once you’ve mastered most of the intermediate modifications and some of the advanced movements. Our Intermediate DVD introduces Arm Work With Bands so you may find altnerating between our Beginner and Intermediate DVDs at that point makes for an effective routine. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

      • Helen says:

        I have been doing fluidity for about 3 weeks now. It was difficult for me at first because I wasn’t accustom to the movement of my body. I just kept on every week though to learn about my body as well. I am still on beginner to intermediate in the beginner mode. I do walking cardio 2x week and I am also taking dancing classes. I really like the fluidity, I believe it got my body moving and focused with my life. Just saying do the moves you can and then just hang in there, because you get better at proper form and understanding the moves as you keep doing them. Helen

  16. Jillian Salinardi says:

    I have been a fan of this phenomenal exercise program for quite a long time now. I try to devote 4 days a week to my Fluidity Practice time, I can attest to the fact that their are benefits to this unique Classical Ballet based exercise regimen. I would like to take it one step further though!
    What form of certification does one need to teach Fluidity to individual clients rather than in a group setting? I am in the process now of studying for my ACE Training Certification and was wondering if this is the only license that I need?

  17. Marianna Pellicer says:

    There are anyone knows about Instructor Certification Program????? This is the BEST workout for me, I would like to take it for a higher level. Let me know please!!!

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