New Year – New You – Detox (Part I of IV)

2243789It’s that time of year…

Every New Year seems to trigger a natural urge to kick-start our initiatives to improve and empower our life/ relationships/weight loss/job search/financial planning/etc. For each of us, the initiative and urgency may differ, but we nonetheless share a similar focus to start or reboot a part of ourselves. Not surprisingly, detoxification – effectively our body’s natural internal cleansing mechanism – becomes a popular buzz word this time of year. Even the most disciplined of us have indulged in one too many glasses of eggnog or Christmas cookies, setting ourselves up for unwanted weight gain, a sluggish metabolism, and sugar cravings that last well beyond the holiday celebrations. So what’s a girl to do? Detoxing really is a natural and beneficial process and allows our body’s natural internal cleansing mechanism to do its thing. After all, we regularly clean our homes and our cars, reboot our phones and computers. Why would our body be any different? We have nothing to lose but our toxins – not to mention gaining a more efficient metabolism, increased energy, glowing skin and a clear mind to start the New Year right! In Part II of our New Year – New You – Detox, we’ll focus on the toxins behind the Detox…

One Response to “New Year – New You – Detox (Part I of IV)”
  1. joysy1015 says:

    I am SO SO SO Stif.. and pain just radiates through my body.. when I was a kid I could do endless situps.. we were asked to do 50 I did 260 Pull ups totally weak!! but now it only seems like yesterday, here I am approaching the 50 uhg.. my neck hurts on a daily basis, my back frequently goes out.. of all the excercises this one looks like it makes sense.. for an achy body.. yes?

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