New Year – New You – Detox (Part II – The Toxins Behind the Detox)

What are toxins?

The human body produces a number of toxins as byproducts of metabolism. Called endotoxins because they come from within the body itself, these substances can irritate or inflame tissues. Toxins also can inhibit normal functioning unless they are eliminated.

Harmful substances from outside the body, or exotoxins, often interfere with digestive functions, irritating the digestive tract. When this happens, our body signals the immune system to rid the body of what it perceives to be foreign invaders.

Natural removal of toxins and waste through the body’s cleansing process promotes healthy functioning and supports the immune system.

The Body Employs Seven Channels of Toxin Elimination

– Blood (Circulatory System)
– Lymphatic (Circulatory System)
– Bowel or Colon (Organ)
– Kidney (Organ)
– Lungs (Organ)
– Skin (Organ)
– Liver (Organ)

All play a unique role in the elimination process, and it is imperative that all channels function properly for effective total internal body cleansing.

The blood that flows through the vessels of the circulatory system carries both oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This is essential for burning or oxidizing off toxins as well as transporting toxins to organs of elimination. The digestive system is the starting point in the toxic stress cycle. When food is not properly digested, toxins are produced in the intestine. These toxins then travel within the blood from the intestine to the liver.The body’s cleansing mechanism involves two important steps at this point:

Phase I – Toxins from the digestive system are excreted in the form of bowel eliminations from the colon. During this process, the liver begins clearing out toxins, also helping to prevent fat storage in cells.

Phase II – The liver makes toxins water-soluble so that they can be excreted, completing the process begun in Phase I.
(The liver truly is remarkable and affected by nearly everything a person ingests and breathes. This is one organ that should never be taken for granted: if the liver is sluggish every organ in the body suffers.)

The process continues as such:

– Blood vessels enlarge, restricting flow
– Toxins get into the circulatory system
– The lining of the gastrointestinal track is weakened
– More toxins are released
– The cycle is repeated
– Stored toxins re-circulate in the blood and may contribute to long-term poor health.

Still more toxins may be eliminated through perspiration (out through pores in the skin.) And, sneezing cleans out our sinus tracts, while lungs automatically exhale carbon dioxide and other wastes, and kidneys filter waste from the bloodstream.

When toxins are not eliminated through our body’s natural processes, eventually they are stored in bones, hair, muscles, and lymphatic tissue and fatty tissue. Cleansing your body of these toxins helps strengthen your internal immune system. Stay tuned for Part III – Using the Whole Food to Detox the Body…

One Response to “New Year – New You – Detox (Part II – The Toxins Behind the Detox)”
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