New Year – New You – Detox (Part III: Using Whole Foods to Detox the Body)

“Let food be thy medicine.” ~ Hippocrates Fasting is one of the oldest means of spiritual and physical cleansing, but a more current approach to detoxing is to nourish the body thoroughly with whole foods, fueling its natural cleansing mechanism with the nutrients needed to achieve optimal cleansing activity. By choosing a diet rich in … Continue reading

New Year – New You – Detox (Part II – The Toxins Behind the Detox)

What are toxins? ENDOTOXINS The human body produces a number of toxins as byproducts of metabolism. Called endotoxins because they come from within the body itself, these substances can irritate or inflame tissues. Toxins also can inhibit normal functioning unless they are eliminated. EXOTOXINS Harmful substances from outside the body, or exotoxins, often interfere with … Continue reading

New Year – New You – Detox (Part I of IV)

It’s that time of year… Every New Year seems to trigger a natural urge to kick-start our initiatives to improve and empower our life/ relationships/weight loss/job search/financial planning/etc. For each of us, the initiative and urgency may differ, but we nonetheless share a similar focus to start or reboot a part of ourselves. Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

Instructor Spotlight

Erikka Occupation: CPA, SEC Compliance, HR Administration Age: 31 Hometown: Albany, NY Currently Lives In: New York, NY Her Story: You may recognize her as the advanced modifier in our Fluidity instructional videos, but Erikka was actually one of our very first testimonials. A lifelong athlete and avid gym-goer, Erikka was still searching for the … Continue reading

Yesterday’s Breast Cleavage is Today’s Lumbar Curve

At this season’s red carpet events, high-neck, backless dresses put the spotlight on back-of-the-body beauty. From the Grammy’s to the Oscars to movie premieres, it’s those plunging back lines that are taking center stage on the red carpet and beyond. In fact, some women are now spending upwards of $16,000 for butt implants – the … Continue reading

Hello world…we’ve joined the blogosphere!

@ the barre, we’ll take you behind the scenes, share what inspires us, and invite points of view from leading body workers and foodies on any and all things health and wellness. Be empowered. Get inspired. Consider it happy hour at the bar(re) with a circle of make-you-feel-good friends…minus the cocktails of course.

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